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These cards are for our class to analise and revise the structure and use of phonological features.

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The Sweet Menu.

  • Written in chronological structure and made up of unrhyming couplets.
  • Throughout the poem, Jeremy Hughes always refers back to the chair and the fact that it's empty, he does this through repetition.
  • There is also evidence of indefinate/definate articals. "There is a" is indefinate. and "the bottle" is deffinate.
  • The us eof "Would you like to see the sweet menu?" being written in italics highlights how he speaks transactional , meaning he only talks when he it is required, therefore it's for a purpose.
  • "It hasn't come to much" foregrounds the poem. 
  • CERBEAL  means thinking things through. Which is evident through 'The Sweet Menu'
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Oliver Twist.

  • Oliver Twists consists of power, environment and living conditions. The rich were known to be clean, however the poor were more dirty.
  • Throughout Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens consistantly emphasies on the hunger of the boys. "suffered the tortures of  slow starvation" and "boys have generally exellent appetites" are examples of this.
  • The phrase "that unless he had another basin of gruel perdiem" The boy said this which indicates that he's well educated but now he's in the workhouse. Which  is a representative of times.
  • It's set into three sections the first setting the scene,  second is action and the third is the result.
  • Oliver relates to the chef as "sir" which highlights his status and how it's polite.
  • "child as he was" suggests that the childs behaviour is abnormal.
  •  ( ) OR " >>>> INPRENTHESIS
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A Modest proposal.

  • A Modest Proposal is written in a formal tone.
  • The use of statirical workings portrays the extract to be more believeable.
  • There's also an idea of cannabilism throughout.
  • The idea of the text was to raise awareness about the potato famine.
  • SATIRICAL PAMPHLET  this means a form of mockery.
  • There's a questionable tone which makes people think it's fine, even though it's morally wrong.
  • The text also relates animals to humans, for example "fore or hind quarter" cattle, or swine."
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