AQA AS English literature and language B- REVISION CARDS

AQA AS English literature and language B


The Assesment Objectives

A01; Tests your ability to select and apply relevant concepts and approaches from intergrated linguistic and literary study.

A02; Tests your ability to demonstarte detailed and critical understanding in analysing the ways in which structure, form and language shape meaninggs in a range of spoken and written texts

A03;Tests your ability to use intergrated approaches to explore relationships between texts, analysing and evaluating the significance of contextual factors in thier production and reception

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Achieving your best!

To achieve your ebst in the examination , you need to;

  • Gain a through knowledge and understanding of the texts in the anthology
  • Develop a good knowledge and understnding of the key terms and concepts
  • Be able to structure your answers in a way that enables you to compare the tests you are writing about (PEEL)
  • Consider tghe ways in which the texts can be linked
  • Apply your knowledge in situations (question 1) that are no completley predictable.
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Purposes of the texts

Purposes if the texts in the anthology are likley to be;

  • inform
  • instruct
  • persuade
  • entertain
  • explain
  • anaylse
  • review
  • advice
  • comment
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The unseen texts question (Question 1)

Timings; you should devote about 40 minutes to question 1

How to approach question 1:

  • understand the question
  • understand the context
  • read both texts carfully
  • choosing what is relevant to compare.

What you need to write about;

  • GASP; genre, audience, subject and purpose (most important, always have to link back to purpose/audience)
  • context
  • Structure/presentation of the texts
  • language choices
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The Anthology question (Question 2)

Choosing the reight texts; You should know all 33 texts well and be able to make informed choices about which texts are relevant to the question you are given.

Timing: you should spend around 65 minutes on this question: 5 for studying the question and considering the texts. 8 for readings the texts and annotating them.6 minutues on how you are going structure the essay (5-7 key points)40-45 minutes writing the essay and 5 minutes checking

what the include:

  • intriduction (context)
  • form and structure
  • figuritive language
  • sound patterning
  • word choice
  • grammar
  • layout and presentaion
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Many typos, but a simple and effective explanation. I'd hate to have to study 33 texts for an exam.



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Agreed. Oh and A04?

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