Effects of agression


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Effects of aggression


The EPPE Project:

  • children who have been in daycare are more likely to exhibit high levels of aggression

The NICHD  study:

  • Found that children who were cared for outside the home are more likely to exhibit problem behaviour.

The Quebec report:

  • In the post universal care period aggression among 2-4 year olds increased by 24%
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Effects on peer relations

The EPPE project

 By attending pre-school children were associated with greater? (4)

  • Independence
  • co-operation
  • conformity
  • sociability

Clarke-Stewart et al found that?

Children in group based day care were actually more sociable and better at negotiating with peers than those cared for at home.


What was examined?

  • The amount of time children spent in day care 
  • The quality of daycare they children received

What did she find?

  • The more time children spent in daycare the more friends they had and the more extra curricular they engaged in. 
  • Children that experienced more quality day care were more physically affectionate

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