Stress Mangement

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  • Stress Mangement
    • Benzodiazphine
      • Can be addictive.
      • Increase the activity of GABA which reduces serotonin and noradrenaline.
      • Reduce brain arousal.
      • Side effects of BZ's
        • Increased agressiveness
        • Impairment of memory
        • Some studies show links to increased risk of diabetes.
    • Beta-Blockers (BB's)
      • Reduce activity of Sympathetic Nervous System
      • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure. They can cause cardiovascular disorders and reduce the effectiveness of the immune system.
    • Strengths of drug therapy.
      • Little effort required.
      • Cheap
      • Take pills and get effects - fast relief.
      • No time, stress or motivated needed.
    • Weaknesses of drug therapy.
      • Addiction
      • Side effects
      • Treats the symptoms but not the cause.


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