Edexcel Geography Case Studies Unit 2

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Population Dynamics

Population Increase - Uganda

Population Balance - Poland

Population Decline - Japan

Variations in population change 

  Middle - income country - Russia

  Low - income cpuntry - Yemen

Changing population structure - Japan

Increasing population and high percentage of young people - Mexico

Anti -natalist polcies - India and Iran

Pro-natalist policy- Sweden and Estonia 

Immigration policy - Russia, uk and usa

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Consuming Resources

Renewable energy - wind power in the USA

Sustainable energy - bio-gas in india 

Now-renewabe  energy - Natural gas supplies in Europe

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Living spaces

Nicest place to live in Britian - Bournville, Birmingham

Worst living places - Chernobyl, Ukraine. Baghdad, Iraq. Detroit, USA. Mexico City. Zimbabwe

Highest demand for living space - Tokyo, Japan

Sustainable living spaces - Ecovila, Brazil 

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Making a Living

Employment structures in two different countries

   An industrialising country - Mexico

   A deindustrialised country - Germany

Impacts of changing employment in developed world

     Economic Impacts - Uk

     Social Impacts - Glassgow 

Impacts of changing employment in developing world - India

Derelict buildings - Chesterfield

Brownfield sites - Fort Dunlop, Birmingham

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Changing Cities

Large city that relies on other places to remain prosperous - London

Urban transport more sustainable - Colchester V Ipswich

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Development Dilemmas

Development Dilemmas - India

The urban core- Maharashtra

The rural periphery - Bihar

Top Down Project - The narmada river scheme

Bottom up Project - Biogas

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