Early stages of literacy - writing


Stages of writing development

1) Preparatory stage - motor skills develop (hands/brain function)

2) Consoloidation stage - around 7 years. writing reflects spoken language. colloquialisms. 'and' is important

3) Differentiation stage - around 9 years. writing begins to diverge speech. errors are common. experimental. fuller and more diverse

4) Integration stage - middle teenage years. develops through adulthood. 'personal' voice

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Learning to spell - Peccei

. Precommunitive stage - write using squiggles

. Phonological segemntation stage - attempt to capture the sound of the word

. Orthographic stage - put in the silent 'e' or use 'ed' endings

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Bimbaum - 1981

Older children will make mistakes as they have less proficient counterparts and are more interested in creating a neat copy of the work rather than getting the work correct first time. 

for example, if a child is constantly praised fot their neat handwriting then they will always ensure that writing is neat as they don't get the necessary priase for the work and therefore seek it in other ways

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Perl 1979

Read what they have intended to write and ot what tehy have actually read.

this is more common whilst typing

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Types of writing - Britton et al

transactional writing - inform/advise/persuade/instruct

poetic writing - writing for its own sake

childrens early writing is often more poetic than that of an older child

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types of writing - Joan Rothery

1 - obeservation/comment

2 - observation

3 - recount - chronologically ordered

4 - report - factual description

5 - narratives - complication has to be resolved

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Types of writing

. younger children (7-10) predominantly write chronoloigcally ordered texts

. personal writing - children write first, closer to everyday speech

. starts around 13 years, science experiements impersonal to you

. stories - younger writers prefer 3rd person narration changes to 1st person around the age of 9 years

. factual writing - younger writers prefer 1st person narration, changes to 3rd person around the age of 9 years

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