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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Cohesion ­ the way in which
Reading a text appears logical and
well constructed.

Reading is often encountered only when the child enters an established Grapheme ­ a written
symbol, letter or combination
curriculum within the school environment. Teaching a child how to read is…

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Phonics ­ a system of
Learning to Read teaching reading and spelling
that stresses basic symbol-
sound relationships and their
use in decoding words; a
Look and Say system used especially in the
early stages of reading.
Children learn the shape of words, not breaking…

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Cueing ­ the strategies used
Cues to help decode written texts

Alongside the phonological methods which children can use to decode the Miscue ­ errors made by
children when reading.
written word, writers of children's reading books build cues into their texts.
This can…

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Language Acquisition

Reading Development Chall
Reading Motivations & Stages
As a child grows, their
# Description Age Key Characteristics Words
motivations for reading
0 Pre-reading Up to `Pretend' reading
and pseudo- 6 6 Some letter & word recognition, esp. of own name change as does their linguistic

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Convergence ­ a process of
Stages of Writing linguistic chance in which
people adjust their accent,
dialect and speech style to
Writing develops at different rates in different children; however the those of others.
majority pass through discernable stages. These are:
Orthography ­ the study…

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Register ­ the formality and
Generic Awareness tone of a text; vocabulary
choices and grammatical
constructions contribute to
Early writing is often focussed on gaining the stylistic features of a specific the overall tone.
genre. The below research demonstrates how this can be applied for…

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Digraph ­ a graphic unit in
Spelling which two symbols combine,
or any sequence of two
letters produced as a single
Stages of Spelling
Homophone ­ a lexical item
Pre-phonemic Imitate writing, mainly scribble and using pretend writing, that has the same
some letter…


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