English language: CLA: learning to write

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  • Early Literacy- learning to write
    • KROLL 1981- recognised 4 stages of development
      • 1. preparatory stage 4-7yrs. basic motor skills develop + spelling system acquired
      • 2. consolidation stage 7-9yrs. beginning of writing expressing speech.
      • 3. differentiation stage 9+yrs. begins to diverge from speech. errors are common as learn new standards, experiment new structures from reading. different writing for audience + purpose. begin to redraft.
      • 4.  integration stage 14yrs. more fluent and precise writing rather than speaking.
    • DR BARCLAY 1996. identified 7 stages of writing.
      • 1. scribbling
      • 2. Mock handwriting. wavy scribbles assembles cursive writing. (intention of writing)
      • 3. Mock letters. letter-like shapes
      • 4. conventional letters. 1st word often child's name. string of letters across page that child reads as sentence
      • 5. invented spelling. begin to cluster letters to make a word. spelling doesn't link with written work.
      • 6. phonetic spelling. associate sounds with the letters.
      • 7. conventional spelling. spelling becomes accurate
  • stages 1-5/6 are KROLL'S preparatory/consolidation stage


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