CLA- Developing writing

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Developing writing

key words:

  • Cursive handwriting: handwriting in which the characters are joined in rounded and flowing strokes
  • Convergence: the process of linguistic change in which people adjust their dialect, accent or speech style to those of others, often occuring to express solidarity or understanding     Upwards: adults and people you don't know as well. ie. going for a job intervierw, being in a formal environment

                                 Downwards: friends, family and people you know well.

  • Sociolect: a defined use of language as a result of membership of a social group
  • Emergent writing: children's early scribble writing, a stage of their literacy development
  • Ascender: typographical feature where a portion of the writing goes above the usual height of the rest of the writing
  • Descender: where part of a letter goes below the baseline font
  • Diiagraph: a graphic unit in which 2 symbols combine or any sequence of two letters produced as a single sound, eg: "sh"
  • Homophone: a lexical item that has the same pronunciation as another

Chronological stages of writing:

1) Drawing

2)Letter-like forms

3) Copied letters and words

4) Child's name and string of letters

5) words

6) sentences

7) text

Kroll's stages:

Stage                    Age                            Characteristics

Preparation          up to 6yrs                    Basic motor skills are aquired alongside some principles of spelling

Consolidation         7/8 yrs                       Writng is similar to spoken language including a more casual and colloquial register

Differentiation         9/10 yrs                  Understanding that writing is separate from speech. Awareness of writing for different audiences and purpose emerges.

Integration                  mid


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