Drug abuse prevention

Domestic and international drug policy topic- Demand reduction, harm reduction and prevention.

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Primary prevention

Concerned with encouraging people not to take drugs in the first place.

It is achieved through educating potential abusers about the risk of illicit drug use- both medical and criminal risks.

It is acknowledged that primary prevention is the idea that should be pursued- (but is it pursued?)

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Secondary prevention

Helping people who are abusing illicit drugs to stop.

This may be achieved in a wide variety of ways:

  • Pamphlets on how to cope with detoxification in private.
  • Drug free counselling.
  • Rehabilitation programmes.
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Tertiary prevention

Deals with those who are unwilling or unable to stop their drug abuse.

Aims to reduce the harmful effects of their behaviour on themselves and other people.


  • Limiting/ minimising some of the worst effects of drug abuse.
  • Limit the extent of criminal behaviour.
  • Providing infornation and education.
  • Substitute drugs, syringes etc
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