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My social work background:

·         Had a trip to India to help children with education

·         Work experience in a nursery

·         Learned sociology for a levels and was drawn to the subject

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What have I learned from these experiences?

  • That some people need guidance
  • That some people want to help themselves but can’t
  • That people judge you based on events and that dictates how others see you and how you see yourself. Self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Negative learning experiences can affect future
  • Lack of parental guidance and support
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My relevant personal experiences:

·    A few of my friends got into drugs and alcohol due to lack of parental guidance and support as well as the school making them feel inadequate due to the way they were taught.

·   On my trip to India I found that the children genuinely wanted to learn and flourish but due to financial problems and no access to books and stationary they were at a disadvantage.

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What I have learnt:

·   That it is so important for a child to feel loved and needed

·   That a little help can make a big difference to someones life

·   That most of the time people just want someone to listen and care about what they have to say.

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I found these particular experiences:

·   With my trip to India I found it quite difficult because although I wanted to help out and I did contribute to their education, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough because there were other children that were still without.

·   I found sociology satisfying because I learned about the basic knowledge on society and how it contributes to making a person become the way they are. I am now able to apply that knowledge in the future and in lectures.

·   I found that working in a nursery was satisfying as I was able to observe the children and analyse what that child needs in order to be comfortable and happy. It was also difficult to see if that child wasn’t receiving what they are entitled to for whatever reason.

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My personal interests/ aptitudes are:

·  I like to learn about different cultures

·  I like to listen to different life experiences

·  I am interested in learning about how certain events can trigger a phobia of some sort.

· I like to explore different opinions and views of subjects.

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Key values for me:

· Learning to prioritise

· Motivating myself and believing I can do it

· Try and not to procrastinate

· Take in knowledge from others in discussions

· And most of all enjoy what im doing

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I feel I have developed these through:

·  Time management and allowing myself more time for certain tasks

·  Reminding myself that I have got this far and can continue to do so

·  Doing the work when handed rather than last minute

·  Taking notes and referring back to them often

·  Remind myself why I’m doing this course and what I hope to achieve from it

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Skills and knowledge I feel I can offer:

·   The fact that I have just completed my a levels enables me to remember study skills that I can aid others with.

·   I come from an Asian background so I can offer input on my culture and the views we share.

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What strategies I need to develop:

·  Making sure I keep on top of deadlines

·  Making sure I ask questions if I don’t understand

·  Engaging in class discussions

·  Bettering myself as a person and potential social worker

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