Designated Areas of Protection

Designated Areas of Protection

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Designated by - Natural England

Aim - protect areas of particular interest because of their plants, animals, geological features or land forms

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National Nature Reserve

Designated by - Natural England

Aim - to secure protection and appropriate management to the most important areas of wildlife habitat,to provide a resource for scientific research and recreation

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SPA [rrow]

Designated by - Natural England

Aim - to help protect and manage areas that are inportant forrare and vunerable birds becuase they use them for breeding, feeding, wintering and migration

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Designated by - EU Habitats Directorive

Aim - provide rare and vunerable animals, plants and habitats with increased protection and management

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Marine Nature Reserve

Designated by - Wildlife and Countryside act 1981

Aim - to conserve and provide opportunites for the study of marine wildlife and interesting geographical and physiographical features

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Designated by - UK - DEFRA

Aim - to protect wetlands that are of international importance, especially as a habitat for water birds, and ensure a sustainable use of wetlands

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Local Nature Reserve

Designated by - national parks

Aim - to protect the reserve ans surrounding area from damaging activities

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