How are designated protected areas used to protect wildlife?

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Designated protected areas, are areas that have a lot of biodiversity that need to be protected as they are a rich inheritance. All of the different types aim to do two things: increase birth rate and decrease death rate. There are different types of protected areas in the UK which protect and are used in many different ways.
Natural England is the governmental organisation with responsibility for the conservation of wildlife and the landscape. There stated aims are: a healthy natural environment; enjoyment of the natural environment; sustainable use of the natural environment; a secure environmental future.
Firstly there are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) which are areas that have been chosen because they have the best examples of flora and fauna. Conservation of these areas involves continuation of the natural and artificial processes which have resulted in their development and survival, like the continued traditional grazing of heathland or chalk grassland. These SSSIs are designated by Natural England, under the protection of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, the legislation gives Natural England powers to ensure better protection and management of SSSIs. Natural England work with over 26,000 different owners and land managers, who work incredibly hard to conserve these important sites, maintaining the enthusiasm, knowledge and interest of owners, is vital to successfully manage these sites. The sites are not automatically open to the public; owners of the land must consult with Natural England if they wish to carry out any activity listed on the ‘Operations Likely to Damage’ (OLD) list. These activities are not banned but must be controlled to reduce damage. SSSI status does not protect the land against all possible threats, but its conservation importance must be considered when larger scale developments are considered. If the SSSI land is damaged, Natural England can insist that the site is restored or do the work themselves and charge for the work.
Another protected area is National Nature Reserves (NNRs) there


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