Conservation in the UK

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  • Conservation in the UK - Governmental
    • SPAs - Special Protection Areas
      • Protect and manage areas that are important for rare and vulnerable birds because they use them for breeding, feeding, etc. - Exe Estuary
    • MNRs - Marine Nature Reserves
      • Conserve & provide opportunities for the study or marine wildlife & geological features. (Lundy Island)
    • LNRs - Local Nature Reserves
      • Owned/controlled by local authorities & protected from damaging activities in & around the site.
    • NNRs - National Nature Reserves
      • To secure protection & appropriate management of the most important areas of wildlife habitat, a source of scientific research & resource for recreation
      • Designated by Natural England. Examples: Hatfield Forest - Essex
    • SSIs - Sites of Specific Scientific Interest
      • Particular interest because of their plants, animals, geological features or land forms.
      • Dee Estuary - Cheshire  Exe Estuary - Devon
    • Natural England - enjoyment of healthy natural environment, sustainable and secure environmental future
      • Activities: ecological research, providing advice & information on wildlife conservation, providing grants and designation of protected areas - SSIs, NNRs, MNRs, SPAs, SACs.
    • SACs - Special Areas of Conservation
      • Provide rare & vulnerable animals, plants & habitats with increased protection & management, e.g. Dartmoor
    • Natura 2000
      • SPAs & SACs together
    • SRP - Species Recovery Programme
      • Run by Natural England to conserve particular endangered species, e.g. doormouse


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