Designations in the UK

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  • Designations
    • SSSI
      • Site of special scientific interest.
      • Designated by Natural England.
      • Designated for their plants, animals and geological features or land forms.
      • Example: Leighten Moss, Lancashire
    • NNR
      • National nature reserve
      • Designated by Natural England, or the countryside council for wales under the Access to the Countryside Act (1949)
      • To protection and the appropriately manage the most important areas of wildlife habitat. To provide a resource for scientific research and for recreational purposes.
      • Example: Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall
    • SAC
      • Special Conservation Area
      • Designated by the HC habitat directive
      • has been set up to protect and suitably manage habitats for venerable plants and animals
      • Example: Dartmoor, Devon
    • MNR
      • Marine Nature Reserve
      • Designated under the wildlife and countryside act (1981)
      • Example: Skomer Island, Wales
    • LNR
      • Local Nature Reserve
      • Designated under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act (1981)
      • They are owned and managed by the local authorities
      • Example: Fairy Glen, Wales
    • RAMSAR
      • An international treaty which can be signed by any country that protects important wetlands.
      • It is designed to ensure sustainable use of important wetlands, especially as a habitat for birds.
      • Example: the Isles of Scilly
    • AONB
      • Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
      • To protect and enhance the natural beauty of an area
      • Designated by Natural England, or the Countryside Council in Wales
      • Example: Anglesey
    • LPO
      • Limestone Pavement Orders
      • Designated under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981)
      • prohibits the removal of rocks to protect the landscape
      • Example: Malham Tarn
    • SPA
      • Special Protection Area
      • To protect and manage areas of importance to rear and vulnerable birds
      • Designated by the EC Birds Directive
      • Example: The Severn Estuary
    • National Trails
      • long distance routes through the best landscapes in England and Wales
      • Designed for recreational purposes
      • Example: the Cotswold Way
    • Heritage Coasts
      • Developed to conserve the best stretches of undeveloped coasts in the UK
      • To protect the natural beauty and the terrestrial, coastal and marine flora and fauna
      • Example: Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall
    • World heritage sites
      • marked for be of cultural, physical, or natural value
      • To protect the worlds natural or cultural value
      • Example: Stone Henge
    • Country Park
      • Owned by the local authorities and is usually near an urban area, often on brownfield sites
      • Used for public recreation
      • Example: Tyne riverside country park
    • National Parks
      • Designated under the Access to the Countryside Act (1949)
      • To Enhance and protect the natural beauty, wildlife and heritage of an area
      • Example: Snowdonia, Wales


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