Definitions of Concepts of Health and Well-being



A state of physical, mental and physical well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

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Ill Health

A state in which an individual is unable to function normally because of the presence of something negative like a disease, or the absence of something positive, like adequate nutrition. 

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A diagnostic label given to a set of signs or symptoms, which are usually long term. For example, heart disease.

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Stress related illness

Refers to physical symptoms which result from the physcological effects that occur when a person feels anxious and unable to cope with stressors. such as - work, finance or family problems. These stressors can cause headaches, palpitations and stomach problems.

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Mental Health

Not just the absence of mental illness, but a form of subjective well-being in which an individual feels able to cope with life. 

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Mental Illness

Refers to a psychological condition that is characterised by behaviour which is abnormal and is often linked to chemical changes in the brain. For example, depression

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