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Question 1- Directed Writing

Directed Writing

Suggested Time: 50-55 minutes

Word Count: 250-350 words

Worth 20 marks

Remember to:

  • Underline the command terms and key words of the question
  • Number the bullet points and plan according to numbered bullet points
  • Use LAP (Language, Audience, Purpose) to determine the type of text, who it's aimed at and the purpose of the text (inform, reflect, give advice)
  • ADAPT YOUR VOICE according to what is requested in the question
  • Use ideas from the text and develop them in your own words
  • Never lift from the text
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DW Text Types- Speech


L- Formal speech, intro/3 main body/conc

A- Is it formal or imformal 

P- To inform or persuade


  • Repetition
  • Quotes
  • Address the audience
  • Make people feel induvidual
  • Make people feel part of something
  • Make people feel like they can make a different
  • Persuade
  • Rhetorical Question
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DW Text Types- Newspaper Report

Newspaper Report

L- Title, byline, strong intriguing overview paragraphy, main body, conclusion

A- The public- generally formal

P- To inform/advise/review/recall


  • Use evidence and quotes
  • Convey unique voice
  • Intrigue reader in first paragraph
  • Conclude by asking reader rhetorical question
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DW Text Types- Formal Report

Formal Report

L- Date:, Written by:, To:, Date:, Topic:, Heading, subheading for each paragraph

A- Receiver specified in question, formal

P- To inform/reflect


  • Start with putting heading then the Date: ...... 
  • Use subheadings for each paragraph
  • Convert bulletpoints into subheadings
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DW Text Types- Dialogue


L- Script style (can include stage directions)

A- Each other, examinor (formal but informal enough to be a conversation)

P- Depends of characters and context


  • Voice is super important on this one
  • Make conversation flow naturally
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Question 2- Reading Analysis

Reading Analysis

Suggested Time: 20-25 minutes

Word Count: 200-300 words

Worth 10 marks

Remember to:

  • Underline subject and key words of question
  • Underline 4 words or phrases in the text- can annatate
  • Label question a and b
  • Write an overview sentence!!
  • Include detailed analysis (soapman techniques, connotations) 
  • PEEL x 4
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Question 3- Summary


Suggested Time: 50-55 minutes

Word Count: 200-250 words

Worth 20 marks

Remember to:

  • Write fifteen concise bulletpoints for part a (in your own words as far as possible)
  • Underline as you read the text through the second time
  • Group points together (as 1 and 2 or as 1, 2 and 3)
  • Write summary using all points and join some together as well as structuring paragraphs with the points you previously grouped together
  • The summary should be written in an informative style, in complex sentences, using a wide range of punctuation
  • Use the same tense as the question
  • Avoid repetition, lack of clarity and personal comments
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