English Exam Revision


English Exam

Question order; 3,1,2.

- Start off with Q3, read the question before the passage ( by reading the question I will then know what I'm looking for in the text). 

-Number the Paragraphs of the Passage.

-Q3a. Find 15 points off the text that relate to the question ( if the question has 'and' in the middle it's because I'm going to be focusing on two things). Make sure that the 15 points actually REALATE to the question !! I'm allowed to use my own words. Reminder= leaving spaces blank won't get me anywhere SO TRY !

-Q3b. Summary of the text, include all 15 points might as well write them in order to make everything easier. DO NOT COPY THE TEXT IT'S A SUMMARY !! I can start off with a brief intro and have an ending other than that be completly boring and straight to the point.

 That's Q3 done...

-Q1. Read the question. Then read it again! Read the bullet points and get three different coloured highlighters. Read the bulletpoints again! Now read the Passage and keep referring to the 3 bullet points they're extremely important. ( Example- Bullet point 1- the colour is green, Bullet point 2- the colour is purple & Bullet point 3- the colour is orange). Only high light key things that will get you somewhere , don't colour the passage!!. 

- Bullet 1- Something that you will easily be able to find in the text.

-Bullet 2- Like bullet point 1 ALSO in the…


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