Toolkit for Reading in English Language Extracts

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  • Toolkit for Reading in English Language Extracts
    • Skim read for techniques or patterns
      • Enables topic to be revealled
    • Highlight or circle all the things you understand
    • Look closely - magnification
    • Perspective
      • Who's point of view?
    • Atmosphere / Tone
      • What atmosphere is being created?
    • Digression - Tangents in writing
      • Why does the writer go off on tangents?
    • Comparative connectives
      • Connectives improve structure
    • Writing techniques throughout work
      • Language techniques and their effect on the reader
      • Anaphora - repetition of words at the beginning of paragraphs or sentences
      • English Language iGCSE Terms
    • Infer or deduce the hidden meaning - exploration


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