English Language Notes 1- Y10 EOY


English Language Exam Prep

50% Exam 

3 exam questions 

2 hours long 

Question 1 and 3 - worth 20 marks each - assess reading and writing 

Question 2 - worth 10 marks - assesses reading 

 Practice Question

Marks scheme for question two

(a)  Aunt Pegg in paragraphs 2 and 3  

  Most candidates should give an overview of Aunt Pegg as utterly unpleasant to the point of  

savagery, and the best will wonder whether the description is an exaggeration, perhaps  

representing the point of view of the two disaffected children. Candidates in Band 1 must  

make valid comments about the images, starting with the image and applying it to the  

meaning in the passage.  

  The description starts with an outpouring of hatred. Candidates should pick out the strength  

of vile. The ugly rhyming leering, sneering, peering that follows should suggest that the list  

of rhymes is for unusual emphasis (like a chant) but good candidates will unravel the  

meanings, which are appropriate to the rest of the description. For example, peering goes  

with eyes on sticks. Candidates should be careful to see the strange visual image here, but  

also explain it as being able to see in all directions and particularly out in front, so she saw  

everything. Leering and sneering go with the lack


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