defective launch of fourth crusade

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called the crusade at the wrong time 

no particulr crisis 

no pwerful incentive to join

rich and phil at war

genoa and pisa at war 

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made counter productive reforms 

a. insited on 2 year service 

b. new tax on chruch, believed crusaders were to be self funded 

c. offer of indulgence to those who funded a crusader, meant they could choose to stand and assist financiall 

d. tightly controlling preachers, reduced their number and therefore their impact 

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failed to secure royal participation 

papal legate failed to persude rich or phil to join 

lower recruitment 

no national taxation 

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failed to undertsand the developments in chivalry 

by 1200 knights were more concerned with feudal loyalties and concepts of knightly virtue and display rather than serving the pope 

failed to control or influence crusade once it set off 

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