Day care


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Negatives effects of social development from dayca

Who :NICHD; National institution of child health and human development 

Procedure: Lognitudinal study; 1000 children from 10 diffrent countries. Assed during regular intervals. 

Findings: Age 5; more time spent at day care, children were disobdeint and aggressive. Children in full time day care; x3 likley to show behaviour problems; shotuing, lying, arguing. 

Conclsions: Day care can have a negative impact upon social developemt and aggressiveness  

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Peer relations

Who: Belsky & Rovine

Procedure: Assessed attatchment using the strange situation. 

Findings: Children that had over 20 hours of day care a week before they were 1 were insecruey attatched, comapred with children that stay at home. 

Conclusions: Day care leads to insecurley attached, less succesful in peer relations

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Positive social development

Who: Alison Clarke Stewart

Procedure: 150 children studied

Findings: Those in day care had better social skills and social development. Whilst children who stayed at home with their mums found it hard to react with their peers and others


Who: Field

More time spent in day care postivley correlates the number of freidns a child has ** ADDED INFO 

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