Geography- Consuming Resources

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What are Resources?

Natural Resources


  • Ores like iron ore, bauxite (Aluminium) and rock salt


  • Water, the sun, wind and land


  • Anything living, forests, fish in rives, oceans and animals


  • Fossil fuels, (coal, oil, gas) burned remains of ancient plants
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Resources Are Unevenly Distributed And Consumed

A non renewable energy source- Oil

Many countries have oil reserves- This is really an accident of geology, as oil is in rocks under the countries.

How much oil a country has depends on:

  • Having money and technology. (To devlop oil wells)
  • Political decisions to protect areas from oil drilling. Ie- USA's Artic National Wildlife Refuge
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What are Resources? (Continued)

Types of Resources

  • Non- Renewable- Low amount of these, usually in the ground. Once humans use these up, none will be left/ avaliable. Ie- Fossil Fuels
  • Renewable- A resource which is replaced naturally and can be used time and time again. It is infinite. Ie- Wind, solar and wave power
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Why Are Resources Running Out?

Population is growing- More people use more resources

Developing countries- Need resources to develop

High demand for oil- For industry and factories

Developed countries consume much more as they have more money ect

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How Can We Reduce Resource Consumption?

  • Use more renewable resources
  • Switch things off and unplug unused items
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