Coastal management case studies

case studies

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Case studies

Storm surges, case study;

North Sea 31st January – February 1953, depression hit scotland instead of going through its natural path through scandinavia, lots of people drowned in the south-east of england. To prevent this, Thames Barrier was constructed.

Coastal Erosion case study;
Holderness erosion; this includes,
•1.8m a year.
•Lack of material on beach.
•Soft sediment.
•Cliff retreat.

a case study of stacks are the needles from the Isle of wight and old harry rocks.
an example of a tombola is Chesil beach, Dorset
an example of bars is Slapton Ley, Devon
an example of Barrier islands is North Carolina, USA
salt marshes in Llanrhidian, south wales.
an estuary is river thames
a ria is •Kingsbridge estuary, Devon
a fiord Sogne Fiord, Norway.
lastly, management of a coast is

Hastings management;
•Cliff face has been protected; prevents rock fall and cliff retreat.
•Groynes were built to build up the beach, also protection for the town.
•A harbour was built, affective sediment trap. Then 1million£ improvement and extension to the harbour was built .
•Buildings, promenade and wide beach ensure that waves no longer break behind the beach at the former cliff base. (the whole seafront is now artificial.)
•But these managments have affected the coast down east at Fairlight and Pett Level.

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