IB Geography Oceans & Coastal Margins - Alternatives to Overfishing

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Alternatives to Overfishing

  • The fishing industry is worth $350 billion worldwide, but global fisheries throw away 30% of catches.
  • Fish stocks have declined by 90% since 1950, primarily due to the catching of fish at a greater rate than they reproduce. Over 50% of catches are by-catch, fish unintentionally caught in nets, that can lead to extinction of species such as the Maui Dolphin and prevents the regulation of the food chain.
  • Thus, there are several methods to reduce overfishing and its impacts.


  • Aquaculture is the rearing of aquatic animals and plants for food; aquafarms currently provide 50% of global fish supplies and the industry has experienced remarkable growth by 500% since 1990.
  • Strengths: aquaculture is valued at $220 billion, and the Scottish salmon fishing industry contributed to £700 million in UK exports in 2017, creating an economic drive in both developed areas and rural communities / supply can easily meet demand and the industry is flexible, making fish cheaper and more accessible, promoting healthier lifestyles / significantly reduces the pressures placed on wild fish stocks.
  • Weaknesses: 5kg of protein is needed to produce 1kg of aquacultured fish, potentially increasing overfishing / aquacultured shrimp farming has led to the loss of 3 million hectares of…


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