climate change notes and case studies

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past climates

Climate is the average weather in a place and worked out by measuring the weather over 30 years and calculating the average temperature and rainfall

warm periods are called interglacial


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what evidence can be used to see past climate

-looking at fossil evidence and see what animals used to live in a country e.g elephant fossils found in london showing london used to be warmer

- u shaped valleys are created when a glacier wears away and slides showing weather has got warmer

-using ice and measurig the c02 bubbles inside can see how hot a climate used to be

-cave drawings of what animals used to look like

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describe uks climate

-during winter we face the polar contintal air mass as it travels from the east

-air masses from north atlantic ocean bring wet and windy weather

-tropical air masses from africa bring hot and dry weather in the summer

-artic air mass from artic bring snow and wet weather

-polar airmass frim the east bring dry and hot in summer and cold in winter

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what are the costs of warmer weather for the uk

-sea levels will rise causing flooding

-there will be drought in summer and water shortages

-animals like snakes and scorpions will beable to survive in uk

-some plants and animals will die out

-skin cancer will increase

-extra rain will cause sewage system to flood

-sun cream will be more expensive

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benefits of warmer weather for uk

-heating costs will be lower

-grow and eat tropical food

-resorts like brighton will attract more tourist

-less money spent on going abroad

-more solar energy from sun

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why might the uks climate change in future

-due too release of too much co2 and cfcs for aerosols and deforestation and methane from cow, These make more green house gases and warm the atmoshophere

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explain why future climate could be damaging to de

-places such as bangladesh or hati will not have enough money to support flooding which could ruin agriculture

-more drought due to alredy having little amount of water

-more people dying of dehydration

-uk houses are built to with stand changing clinate where as developings arent

-sea levels will rise and take over land

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