Geography, List of themes, including questions for each themes and revision advice

Geography, List of themes, including questions for each themes and revision advice

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GCSE Core Topics
Below are the themes and topics taken from the course specification. You should write each one out at
the top of a sheet of paper. You can then answer the question giving as much case study detail as you
can. When you are done use your notes, text book and revision guide to check your writing and then
complete full and comprehensive notes underneath. You could also use these topics as the base for
mind maps and note cards.
Theme 1: Water
1.1 What processes are associated with rivers?
1.2 What landforms result from these processes?
1.3 How do these landforms and processes affect the lives of people living along rivers?
2.1 How successful are different management approaches to the problem of flooding?
2.2 Should we change our approach to river and floodplain management in the future?
Theme 2 Climate Change
1.1 What is the greenhouse effect and how have people's actions affected this process?
1.2 How conclusive is the range of evidence for climate change?
2.1 What would the possible effects of climate change be in MEDCs and LEDCs?
2.2 How can technology be used and people's lifestyles changed to reduce the impact of climate
Theme 3 Living in an Active Zone
1.1 What are plate margins and how does plate movement generate a variety of landforms?
1.2 What are the primary and secondary hazards associated with volcanoes and earthquake zones?
1.3 Why do people continue to live in hazard zones?
2.1 How are volcanoes monitored and what does this tell us about their state?
2.2 How might the effects of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes be reduced in MEDCs and LEDCs?
Theme 4 Changing Populations
1.1 Where do people live in the world and why do they live there?
1.2 What are the push / pull factors that produce rural ­ urban migration in LEDCs and urban-rural
migration in many MEDCs?
2.1 What are the factors that influence birth and death rates?
2.2 How do differences in birth and death rates affect population numbers and structures in South Asia,
sub-Saharan Africa and Western Europe?
2.3 How may these differences change in the future?
Theme 5 Globalisation
1.1 How have changes in business and technology allowed increased interdependence between MEDCs
and LEDCs?
1.2 What are the benefits of globalisation and why do some see it as a threat?
2.1 What have been the social and economic impacts of the enlargement of the EU?
2.2 How have newly industrialised countries benefited from globalisation?
2.3 How have patterns of trade hindered economic progress in the least developed LEDCs?
Theme 6 Development
1.1 How is economic and social development measured and what are the global patterns?
1.2 What are the regional patterns of economic and/or social development in one LEDC?
2.1 What are the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and how are governments and
non-governmental organisations addressing them?
2.2 What progress is being made by South Asian countries towards the MDGs?
2.3 What progress is being made by sub-Saharan African countries towards the MDGs?


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