Geography- Consuming Resources case studies


Hey guys here are some notes on the things you need to learn for each of the case studies in this topic. Hope it helps, please comment and rate thanks :)


  • We are using up resources faster than we can produce them. There is an increase in demand.
  • More developed countries consume more oil and more industrialised countries like the USA consume the most.
  • Countries around the world are getting more wealthier and developed, as they do it will put more pressure on valuable resources like oil.
  • People in developed countries- UK, USA own more cars and even car numbers per 100 people in developing countries is rising.
  • Reserves of oil are dropping, most is supplied by the Middle East and the least is produced by Asia Pacific.
  • The world uses a staggering 1000 barrels per second.
  • Some people think we have reached…


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