Chapter 7 Long Term Technical Preparation


Long Term Technical Preparation Definition:

Improving weaknesses in performance through long term technical preparation’.

Improve technique

Improve physical efficiency

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The Perfect Model:

The recognised and accepted way of executing a given skill or sequence’. Andy Murray serve Dwayne Chambers sprint technique Ronaldo's free kick

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Old school:

Observational feedback

This is the traditional method. Watch and give advice

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Video and Computer Software-Dartfish:

Key facts

Video of technique Compare with technical model Synchronised comparison with elite


Analyse biomechanics

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Video and Computer Software-Prozone:

Key facts:- All aspects of performance analysed using computer software Analyse individual, group and team performance Compare performance data Analyse strengths and weaknesses of self and opposition

Tactical training tool

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Technical Ergogenic Aids:

Force plates -ground reaction -force  generated by pushing on plate -- combine with 3D scanner

Pedometry  -measures stride length -measures number of strides

Heart Rate Monitor-measures HR -determine intensity -training zones Power Gauges- Measures single bursts of power. Wind Tunnels- Fine tune body position and equipment. GPS- -measures distance travelled, top speed, average speed, altitude 3D Scanner-  -analyses shape -body shape -equipment shape        

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