Challenges of a Rural World

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The Farming System

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Types of Farming

Intensive - Lots of imputs per unit area --> lots of animals in the fields. lots of fertilizers used per hectare

Extensive - Few imputs per unit area  --> few animals in the fields, less machinery used

Arable - farm that grows just crops

Pastoral - farm that rears animals only, no crops are grown

Mixed - farm where crops are grown and animals are reared

Subsistence - farm where no products are sold, instead they are eaten and used by the farmer and his family

Commercial - farm where products are sold, hopefully to make a profit

Key: --> = e.g.

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Issues facing rural areas in developing countries

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Rural development initiatives in Malawi

Fish Farming (Malawi)

World Vision has set up a project to develop fish farming in Malawian families affected by HIV/AIDS. It helps farmers to dig small, rain-fed ponds designed for common freshwater fish. Kitchen waste is used to feed the fish and provides a good source of income to the families. It has helped reduce children malnutrition from 45% to 15%. It has also doubled the income of 1200 households.

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