Geography Paper 1 - Challenges of an Urbanising World

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 Challenges of an Urbanising World

Megacities= Cities with at least 10 million Inhibitants

e.g. New Delhi

Urban Primacy= Important City of the Counrty+ Dominates the rest of the Country

Hinterland- Region around the Urban Primacy

Why can the Urban Primacy be a Problem?

1. Economic Growth is Concentrated there + Hinterland Lacks this

2. Political Power= Focused here + Decisions are mostly for City's Benefit + Not Country's

Rural Urban Migration= People move from Rural-> Urban

Internal Migration=  People move from One Part to Another


How do Cities Grow/ Decline?

1. Migrate Into/ Away

2. Natural Increase= No. Births+ Deaths per year

Effect of Econimic Growth:

1. Increase in Economic Growth= People Move Into

2. More People= More Workforce= More Inductries

3. More Industries= More Jobs

4. More Houses

Why do People go from Rural to Urban Areas?

Rural Cons:

1. Few Opportunities

2. Poor Healthcare

3. Low Pay

4. Low Education

5. Bad Housing

Urban Pros:

1. More Opportunities

2. Better Healthcare

3. Better Pay

4. Better Education

5. Better Housing

How Urban Economies are Different in Emerging, Developed etc.

Informal Employment=


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