lagos case study for urban growth

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  • urban growth-lagos, biggest city in africa
    • in nigeria
    • NEE
    • over 21 million people
    • one of the fastest growing urban areas in the world
    • main financial centre
    • social oppourtunities
      • has better access to services and resources than rural Nigeria
      • healthcare centers and hospitals. better range of medicines.
      • 68% have secondary education.
      • 40% dont attend primary in rural areas
      • electric cooking and lighting mean businesses can develop
      • have water treatment plants and access to save water
    • economic oppourtunities
      • most people come in search of better jobs
      • rapid growth of the city means there is lots of construction
      • most of the countries banks, governing departments, manufacturing industries, ports and fishing industries are found here
      • thriving film and music industry
    • social challenges
      • 60% of the population live in slums
        • flimsy wooden huts built on stilts in the lagoon
      • only one primary school and many cant afford the schooling fees
      • communal toilets shared by households
        • waste goes straight into the lagoon which is already full of rubbish and raw sewage
        • causes lots of health problems
      • communal water point is 3km away
      • electricity comes from illegal connections
      • high levels of crime and the slums are 'self policed' by gangs!
    • environmental challenges
      • only 40% of rubbish is collected and there are large rubbish dumps containing toxic waste
      • waste disposal and factory emissions are not controlled so there is lots of air and water pollution
      • bad traffic congestion during rush hour. some people can have 2 hour commutes
    • economic challenges
      • there rent enough formal jobs for migrants
      • migrants try to earn money any way they can so they even scavenge in the olusosun rubbish dumps.


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