Urban Growth-Case Study

Location and Overview of Lagos

Lagos is situated in the South East of Nigeria, a newly emerging economy. 

It has a population of over 21 million and is one of the 34 megacities in the world. 

More than 275 000 migrants arive every year due to the better quality of life it offers.  

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Social Opportunities of Lagos

  • More healthcare centres and hospitals available meaning better medicine.
  • People can use electricity for cooking and lighting which means people can develop businesses.
  • There is provision of safe water.
  • 68% of the population have secondary education.  
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Economic Opportunities of Lagos

  • There are lot of construction jobs available due to the rapid growth of the city and people may want to stray from their rural jobs in the past. 
  •  Lagos has many banks and manufacturing industries and there are also two major ports and a fishing industry which means there are jobs available 
  • Lagos has a thriving music and film industry (Nollywood)
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Social Challenges of Lagos

  • Over 60% of the population live in slums eg Makoko
  • People live in wooden huts on stilts in the lagoon and communal toilets are shared by 15 households increasing the risk of health problems. 
  • Many families cannot afford to send their child to school and there is only one primary school in Makoko. 
  • Safe water can only be found 3km away and electricity comes from illegal connections which are then cut off. 
  • There is a high crime rate in Makoko. 
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