Urban issues and challenges

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  • Urban issues and challenges
    • Global pattern of urban change.
      • increase in urbanisation
      • In1950, 30% (746 million people) of the world’s population was urban.
        • By 2014 this figure had risen to 54%(3.9 billion people)
          • it is projected to rise to 66% (6.4 billion people) by 2050.
    • What are urban trends in different parts of the world?
      • Richer HICs (e.g. the USA, much of Europe,Japan and Australia) - these countries arehighly urbanised, with 75% of the populationliving in urban areas.
        • Poorer LICs (e.g.much of Africa andsome parts of Asia andthe Middle East) -these are still predominantly rural, with Africa 40% urban and Asia 48% rural.
    • What factors affect the rate of urbanisation?
      • Push
        • -Poor harvests, resulting in shortages of food.
        • -Limited opportunities for well-paid employment.
        • -Limited services (water, electricity, schools,health care).
        • -Issues associated with climate change, such asdesertification, soil erosion, floods and drought.
        • -Poor transport infrastructure.
      • Pull
        • -Prospect of better paid employment.
        • - Large market for goods and services, e.g. streetvendors selling food or providing services.
        • - Better schools and health care provision
        • .- Better public transport facilities and access toservices such as water and electricity.
        • - Friends and family already living in urban areasencourage others to join them.


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