Cardiovascular and Respiration System

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Function of the respiratory system

The function of the respiratory system:

-Get oxygen into the body

-Breathing out carbon dioxide from the body

-Gaseous exchange in alveoli

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Respiratory system measuments

Vital capacity:

THe amount of air that can be expired after inspiring as deeley as you can

Tidal volume:

The amount of air inspire and expired with each normal breath at rest or during excercising.

Breathing rate:

The number of breaths you take in a minute

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Oxygen Debt

- Anaerobic respiration occurs in oxygen debt

- Oxygen debt it repaid by deep breaths at the end of excersing

-The extra oxygen consumed during the recovery from a period.

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Long term effects of excersing on the respiratory

- Increase lung capacity

- Increased vital capacity

- Increase tidal volume

- More aveoli becoming avaliable

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Immediate and short term effects on exercise on th

- Oxygen debt is builds up

-Breathing rate increases

- Increased depth of breathing

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