Physical Education

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Cardiovascular system

Name giving to the system, consisting of the heart and the blood vessels that transport oxygen around the body. 


  • Heart
  • Blood
  • Blood vessels 

It increases:

  • (
  • Breathing rate
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure  
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Respiration that occurs in the presence of oxygen 

Glucose + Oxygen → engery + carbon dioxide + water 


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Respiration that occurs in the absence of oxygen:

Glucose → engery → lactic acid (

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The role of the skeletal system

  • Movement, bending the arm at the elbow 
  • Extenstion, such as straighting the arm or leg
  • Abduction, the bones or limbs move away from the body, example star jump.
  • Addicton, the bones or limbs move towards the body, example of this is the return of a star jump. (
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Structure of the skeletal system

  • Movement 
  • Support 
  • Shape
  • Protection 
  • Blood-cell production in bone marrow 


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Continuous - Sustained for a long period of time, eg: Jogging, Cycling or Swimming.

Interval - Training that has periods of work and rest.

Fartlet - Form of interval training that can include walking, brisk walking or jogging.


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Physical Education School Sport and Club Links

  • Two hours of high quality PE delivered within the cirriculum 
  • Two or more hours beyond the school day

8 strands:

  • Sports colleges 
  • Sport partnerships
  • Professional development 
  • Step into sport 
  • School/club links
  • Gifted & Talented 
  • Swimming 
  • Pe and sport investigation
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Physical Education and Sport Strategy for Young People

  • Two hours of PE 
  • Further three hours beyond cirriculum 

9 work strands to PESSYP 

  • Club links
  • Coaching 
  • Competitions
  • Disability
  • Extending activities 
  • Gifted & Talented 
  • Infastucture 
  • Leadership and volunteering 
  • Swimming
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Speed: Ability to move parts of the body as quickly as possible

Cardiovascular endurance: Is stamina 

Flexiblity: Range of movement around a joint 

Strength: The ablitity to bear weight 

Agility: Combination of flexiblity and speed, ability to move quick, changing direction.

Balance: Maintaining a giveing posture 

Co-ordination: Ability to link all the parts of movement into one

Reaction time: The time it takes to react

Timing: The time it takes to do something

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Aspects of training

  • Warm up 
  • Fitness
  • Skills
  • Warm down 


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