Chemistry Unit 3 Revision Questions

Revision Questions based on the Edexcel GCSE chemistry specification for 2014

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C3: Chemistry in action
Topic 1 ­ Qualitative Analysis
1. What are the different types of analysis? What does that mean?
2. Why must the test for an ion be unique?
3. What tests show the presence of ions and which ions do they show?
4. What do these tests…

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12. How can electroplating be used to improve the appearance and/or resistance to
corrosion of metal objects?

Topic 4 ­ Gases, Equilibria and Ammonia
1. What does one mole of any gas occupy in dm3 at room temperature and
atmospheric pressure? What is this known as?
2. How can you…

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14. What are the uses of esters and polyesters?
15. What can polyesters be recycled to form?
16. What are oils and fats?
17. How can oils and fats be broken down?
18. How does soap remove dirt or grease?
19. How can liquid oils be converted into solid fats?…




Brilliant! But an answer sheet would be useful too :3

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