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AQA Chemistry GCSE C3 Condensed Notes

C3 Topic 1: Periodic Table.
Evaluate the work of Newlands and Mendeleev in terms of their contributions to the development of the
modern periodic table.
Explain why scientists regarded a periodic table of the elements first as a curiosity, then as a useful tool…

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C3 Topic 2: The Water we Drink.
Drinking Water
Water of the correct quality is essential for life. For humans, drinking water should have sufficiently
low levels of dissolved salts and microbes. Water filters containing carbon, silver and ion exchange
resins can remove some dissolved substances from tap water to…

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C3 Topic 3: Energy Calculations.
Consider the social, economic and environmental consequences of using fuels. Interpret simple
energy level diagrams in terms of bond breaking and bond formation (including the idea of activation
energy and the effect on this of catalysts).
Evaluate the use of hydrogen to power cars compared…

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The volumes of acid and alkali solutions that react with each other can be measured by titration using
a suitable indicator.
If the concentration of one of the reactants is known, the results of a titration can be used to find the
concentration of the other reactant.
Candidates should be…

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are used as a fuels and solvents, and ethanol is the main alcohol in alcoholic drinks. Ethanol can be oxidised
to ethanoic acid, either by chemical oxidising agents or by microbial action..
Carboxylic acids
Represent the structures of carboxylic acids using the graphical formula and structural formula
Ethanoic acid…


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