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Topic 1
Alcohols, carboxylic acids and
esters…read more

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Family of hydrocarbons
Contain carbon and hydrogen atoms only…read more

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Reactions of alkanes
Combustion reactions
Good fuels
­ Natural gas, methane
Do not react with
solutions of
­ C-C and C-H bonds
are unreactive…read more

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-OH functional group
­ Solvent, e.g. perfumes
­ Fuel
­ Drinks
Methanol is a raw material
to make glues, foams and
windscreen washer fluid…read more

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Physical properties of alcohols
Methanol and ethanol dissolve in water
Longer chain alcohols do not mix with water
­ Long hydrocarbon chain doesn't interact with
water molecules…read more

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Physical properties of alcohols
Alcohols have higher boiling and melting
points than alkanes with similar relative
formula mass
Ethanol has a lower boiling point than water
because attractive forces between ethanol
molecules are weaker…read more

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