B7 OCR Symbiosis revision 21st century science

how  we live with other things - hope it helps and don't forget to rate ! best of luck in your exams !

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Symbiosis- a quick over view


  • this is where both things gain from being in the  relationship 
  • for example clown fish and sea anemones, the sea anemone is prtactedd bythe fish as is cleaned by it and the clown fish gets a home and protection it is able to live in them because they have slimy covering 


  • this is where one thing gains and the other neither greatly  gains or loses out 
  • an example is the shark and the remora fish which cleans it 


  • harms one  thing and the other gains 
  • for example a tape worm and a human 
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 they can kill people though the most clever or evolved ones don't kill though they can also effects crops such was the case in ireland when there wwas a potato famine and they cause diseases so they have social and economic impacts

they tend to be very evolved inline with that of there host for example a tape worm

  • is flat and long to fit in the intestines
  • has an enyzme resistant coating so it doesn't  get digested
  • has hook like teeth and suckers to grip to the wall of the intesines with 
  • big surface area to absorb lots of food with
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