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B7 ­ Further Biology
Respiration isn't breathing in and out.
o It's the process of releasing energy from glucose, which happens constantly in every
Aerobic respiration needs plenty of oxygen.
o Glucose + Oxygen Carbon Dioxide + Water (+ energy released)
Energy released from respiration is used to…

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Humans have a double
circulatory system.
o One pumps
deoxygenated blood
to the lungs and back
to the heart.
o One pumps
oxygenated blood
around and back to the
Chemicals are being exchanged
between cells and capillaries.
o Arteries branch into
capillaries which are
tiny blood vessels.
o Small…

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o Cure ­ Often the best cure is waiting for things to heal naturally.
o Recovery and rehabilitation ­ Same level of ability from before the injury, maybe
progressively more difficult tasks.
The treatment may need to be modified.
o No improvement.
o Damage
o Side effects that outweigh the…

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Soil contains for main things.
o Inorganic matter ­ Rock, mineral irons ect.
o Biomass ­ Living and dead organic matter. Worms and stuff, and dead worms and
other dead stuff.
o Water ­ Good for plants
o Air ­ Vital for respiration of soil animals and roots.



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Three factors
o Light, CO and temperature.
o Any of these can be a limiting factor, which slows down the rate.
Not enough light or CO slows the rate.
o As you increase light the rate will increase.
o Eventually it will level off and something else will become the…

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Gene modification is great.
o New useful microorganisms.
o Plants resistant to stuff.
Genetic modification involves important stages.
o Wanted gene is isolated.
o Cut from DNA using restriction enzymes and isolated.
o Gene joined to a vector (often the plasmid or a virus).
o Now inserted into the host…

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A great thing to find the day before an exam. Great to just make sure I know everything, and what I know is correct/complete!

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