Attitudes to drugs and alcohol in Islam

Attitudes to drugs and alcohol in Islam

Main Points

Alcohol and drugs are prohubited for Muslims (haram) becasue:

  • The Qur'an says that intoxicants are a means by which Satan tries to keep people from God and from saying therir prayers
  • The Prophet Muhammad said that every intoxicant is forbidden to Muslims (khamr)
  • Muslim lawyers say taking drugs or alcohol is a form of suicide becasue you are harming your body, and suicide is forbidden
  • Muhammad said several times that Muslims must not drink alcohol, and must also have nothing to do with the production or sale of alcohol

Tobacco is regarded as haram by some Muslims becasue it harms the body, but Muslim lawyers have declared it makruh (disliked) because it is not mentioned by the Qur'an or Muhammad.

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Covers the main points essential to know for this Edexcel exam. A few spelling errors need to corrected. Perhaps be a little clearer when defining terms.   



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