Drug Abuse

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  • Drug Abuse
    • Why do people take illegal drugs?
      • Addiction
      • Enjoyment
      • Copying role models
    • Religious Attitudes to drinking and smoking tobacco
      • Islam
        • Alcohol is completely forbidden- makes mind unfit to concentrate on Allah + duties involved in being Muslim
      • Christians
        • Don't smoke as they don't want to harm the body God gave them
        • Allow drinking in moderation- during Holy Communion
    • What can illegal drugs do to people?
      • Affect ability to drive
      • Effects motivation
      • Negative effects on health e.g. strain put on the heart
    • What is a drug?
      • A substance which, when taken, affects the body or mind
      • Prescription Drugs
        • Legally obtained only with Doctor's consent
      • Illegal Drugs
        • Drugs which are against the law to possess, sell or use, e.g. heroine


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