Crime and Punishment

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Why do we need Laws?

  • To keep everything organised
  • To protect the weak from the strong
  • To keep everything fair (in work ect)
  • To know what kind of behaveour to expect from eachother 

What are the main aims of punishment?

  • Reform                                                        (Really Random People Dont Remember)
  • Retribution
  • Protection
  • Deterance
  • Reperation

Why is justice important to Christians?

  • The Golden Rule 
  • The way Jesus treated everyone
  • Judgement Day 
  • 'Created in the image and likeness of God'

Why is justice important to Muslims?

  • .Allah is known as the Just
  • .Shari'ah Law
  • .The Ummah 
  • .Judgement Day

What is the nature of Capital Punishment?

  • The UK Abolished capital punishment in 1965
  • In 1999 Britian signed an act to say it would never be reintroduced

What are the non-religious reasons for capital punishment?

  • Deterant 
  • Form of protection for society 
  • Justice - For family or victim


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