Attitudes to drugs and alcohol in Islam

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  • Attitudes to drugs and alcohol in Islam
    • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited in Islam (haram)
    • The Qur'an says that intoxicants are a way that Satan keeps people from Allah and praying to Allah
    • The Prophet Muhammad said that anything which clouds the mind or dulls reasoning is khamr and khamr is forbidden in Islam
    • Islam teaches that committing suicide is wrong. Muslim lawyers think taking drugs and alcohol is like committing suicide as you are harming your body
    • Muhammad said 'do not haem yourselves or others'. Muslim lawyers think this means alcohol and illegal drugs are forbidden because they harm the body
    • Muhammad said that Muslims should not drink alcohol and have nothing to do with the production and sale of alcohol
    • Tobacco is regarded as haram (forbidden) by some Muslims as it harms the body, but Muslim lawyers have declared it as makruh (not haram) as it is not mentioned by Muhammad or the Qur'an


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