Christianity and Islam- Crime and Punishment

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  • Law and justice are vital to the smooth running of society
  • Parliament makes laws, and the police and law courts enforce it
  • There are many different theories about punishments, all of which have arguments for and against them. The most common theories are deterrence, reform, retribution and protection
  • Justice is important to Christians because they believe that God is just and wants people to behave justly and treat others equally and fairly
  • Many individual Christians and Christians agencies work for justice today
  • The Qu'ran teaches that Muslims should act with justice and fairness
  • The Law of God requires fairness and justice for all
  • Many Muslims campaign for peace and justice throughout the world
  • Capital punishment is the death penalty for a criminal offence
  • There are many strong arguments against the death penalty, including that it violates the principle of the sanctity of life and is not a true deterrent
  • Arguments in favour of it include that it is true retribution and gives the families of victims some real closure
  • Some Christians are strongly opposed to the death penalty because it goes against


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