AS PE OCR Skill S-R Bond + Learning Theories

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S-R Bond


- the link between the stimulus and response is due to conditioning.


  • This response is stored in the LTM 
  • Learning involves a change in behaviour
  • Learning takes place when a connection is made between stimulus and response


  • Practice - performer needs to practice the skill so it is stored in the LTM and becomes habitual 
  • Praise - when the skill is performed successfully they should receive praise to encourage them to do it again
  • Punishment - this will weaken the incorrect bond and encourage the correct one
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Operant Conditioning

Operant Conditioning - Skinners Pigeons 

  • a coach can manipulate the environment and condition a practice
  • performer is presented and stimulus
  • they must use trial and error to respond to the stimulus 
  • the performers behaviour is shaped/modified 
  • when carrying out the correct response reinforcement encourages them to do it again
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Thorndike's Laws

Law of Effect 

  • reinforcement strengthens the S-R bond 
  • e.g. receiving praise/positive feedback will encourage you to do it again

Law of Exercise

  • repitition stengthens the S-R bond
  • e.g. practicing the skill over and over in a closed situation and making it more open will trigger a signal to you

Law of Readiness

  • the player must be physically and mentally able
  • e.g. performer must be physically able to do the skill
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Cognitive Theory of Learning

Cognitive theory of learning is insight learning - GESTALT.

  • Whole Learning - the performer is given all the information so they develop an understanding/insight of what is required
  • Perception- the learner must perceive what is required to solve the problem
  • Past Experience - previous experiance or schemas can be adapted and transferred to help with the solution of a current problem
  • Intervening Variables - learning is enhanced by mental processes (mental rehearsal)
  • Self-Esteem - the learner must have a high self esteem to learn effectively if this theory is applied
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