Physical Education Learning Theories

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  • Learning Theories
    • Cognitive Learning Theory
    • Social Learning Theory
    • Conditioning Theory
      • Operant Conditioning
        • Reinforcement
          • Positive
            • Rewards/ Motivation
              • Intrinstic
                • From within
                • E.g Pride and Achievement
              • Extrinsic
                • From the outside
                • Intangible (non-touchable)
                  • Feedback and Praise
                • Tangible (touchable)
                  • Medal and Certificates
            • The correct response to a Stimulus. Strengthening the S-R bond
          • Negative
            • Removal of Criticism
              • E.g in a rugby match, the coach critcises poor play, the coach stops the critiscing when skill is successful
            • Constantly nagging.
            • Getting unpleasant stimulus, which is then withdrawn when correct response is given.
        • Is shaping behavior.
        • Punishment
          • S-R bond breaks  due to wrong response is being given
          • should be used carefully to avoid lowering the player's confidence
          • E.g Push Ups or extra Laps
      • Theroists
        • Pavlov
          • Dog
        • Skinner
          • Rat


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