AS ICT (OCR) - Characteristics of Applications

The characteristics of the following applications: School Administration and Teaching system, Stock Control, Booking System, On-line Training System, Route Finding System, Time tabling system, Customer Records System and On-line banking systems.

You will be required to describe the characteristics of one of these in the exam


Route Finding Systems

  • Directions can be saved for later reference
  • Different routes may be offered
  • Places of interest can be shown
  • You can select the fastest or shortest route
  • Directions can be provided in a graphics format
  • You can select the road type that you want to use e.g motorway
  • Text based directions can be produced
  • The user inputs the starting postcode and the destination postcode
  • The Zoom feature can be used to show different levels of detail
  • Multiple destinations per journey can be specified

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School Administration Systems

  • Personal details about pupils such as their name and address are stored 
  • Details of every student and teachers timetable are stored. This allows their location to be found easily
  • Students exam results are stored on the system. This allows teachers to assess how well a student is doing over time.
  • Attendance can be calculated for each class within the school over time
  • Students with poor attendance can be identified
  • An automated email or SMS can be sent to parents if a student is absent
  • A students religion could be stored to help accommodate their particular requirements 
  • Attendance could be recorded using a student ID card or with the use of a fingerprint recognition system
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Time Tabling System

Transport Timetables

  • Email confirmation of booking
  • Tickets can be printed online to avoid queuing
  • Class can be selected e.g first class, economy etc
  • Starting and terminating stations are identified
  • Allows for one way and return journeys

School Timetables

  • Ensures that students and teachers only attend one lesson at a time
  • Ensures that lessons only happen between school start and end time
  • Breaks are included e.g lunch


  • Can be Printed
  • Can be Searched
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Stock Control Systems

  • Keeps a record of how much or each item is in stock
  • Keeps a record of when deliveries are due
  • Can store supplier details
  • Products can be automatically reordered when stock is low
  • Stock records are updated when deliveries occur
  • Produces reports of sales of different products
  • The Price and Description of a product can be changed
  • Minimum and Maximum stock levels can be set
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Online Booking System

Ticket Booking System

  • Availability and position of seats can be checked
  • The price of different seats can be checked
  • Customers or staff can select an event
  • Customers or staff can select the date of the performance
  • Payment for tickets can be verified and processed
  • The seating plan is updated once seats are booked

Appointment Booking System

  • The time and date of a appointment can be specified
  • Available appointment times can be viewed
  • The appointment can be booked
  • The booking can be cancelled or changed
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Customer Record System

  • Customer details are stored
  • Each customer has a unique ID
  • Each order has a unique number
  • Generates an invoice for each order
  • Produces a list of products available
  • Produces customer statements and outstanding invoices
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