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of Applications…read more

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School Administration System
· Assist day to day running of school. Three distinct
­ Database to hold records ­ be able to store
students personal data such as doctor, mode of
transport to school, contact details for parents
­ Facility to record student marks ­ record
subject marks, store historical data on the student,
and prepare records based on students results
­ Attendance monitoring facility ­ the system
must be able to record student attendance,
absences and type of absence; summarise
attendance, produce a list of outstanding
absences and be able to produce averages for
school documentation…read more

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Stock Control System
System knows how much is in stock, when orders due and how
much stock required ­ it can order stock and update the stock
records when stock is delivered if it has links to suppliers. Uses
Just In Time ordering. It must...
· ...have a list of all stock items and suppliers
· ...have a list of all components for the item if stock
· ...know min and max stock levels
· ... work out how much to order
· ...know delivery times for orders
· ...have links to orders database
· ...have link to budget system
· ...update stock records when orders received
· ...have previous sales figures
· ...have ability to predict stock requirements based on previous
· ...have manual override on items being ordered…read more

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Stock Control System (2 main
· Two main users of stock control are SHOPS
(want to keep just enough goods in but not too
many, especially if they are perishable.)
· And MAUFACTURERS need to know all
products required to create product. The need to
be linked to sales so they can identify trends
which will allow them to prepare for surge sales
(e.g. Christmas, promotions)…read more

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Booking Systems
· Example: rail/cinema/theatre tickets, doctors
· Three main ways of booking;
­ Telephone
­ Internet
­ By person/post/fax
A booking system must allow the user to:
­ Select time/date/event
­ Specify number (adults, children)
­ Check availability for time/date/number
­ Check price of selected booking
­ Change options
­ Confirm and pay (via email/booking number)…read more

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Route Finders
· Software that allows the user to enter variety of info
about starting and destination places and will plot a
route between the two. This can be done prior to
journey and printed out or through the use of an in-car
navigation system (using GPS) ­ advantage of this is
that it is possible to change the route if a problem
arises (such as traffic jam).
· The system enables the user to;
­ Specify location going to/leaving from
­ Specify places and roads you want to avoid or pass
­ Specify type of journey (e.g. fastest, cheapest,
­ Save and print route in number of formats (text,
maps)…read more

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Mr A Gibson


This covers some great examples of specific examples of software systems from Stock Control to Customer records - highlights the main points and gives you all you need to get those marks in short answer exam questions.

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